80,000 Hours

About 80,000 Hours

The aim of 80,000 Hours is to help as many people as possible lead high-impact careers. They do this by providing career advice for talented young people who want to have a social impact.

Over a third of young graduates want to make a difference with their careers, but they have little idea what to do—many think it’s a choice between working in the social sector or giving up and “selling out.” Existing career advice either doesn’t address the question of how to have a social impact, isn’t based on much research, or doesn’t have much in the way of concrete, comprehensive advice.

As a result, each year, much of the potential impact of our most talented young people is wasted, either because they end up in low-impact jobs or because they turn away from the idea of making a difference altogether. The goal of 80,000 Hours is to help people get the meaningful careers they want, funneling more talent toward the world’s most pressing social problems.

What 80,000 Hours does

80,000 Hours undertakes in-depth research alongside academics at Oxford into how graduates can make the biggest difference possible with their careers, both through overall career choice and within a given field.

Based on this, they provide:
1. An online career guide and supporting articles and tools. The guide tells you what to look for in a high-impact career, recommends high-impact options you might not have thought of, and gives you a step-by-step process for making career decisions. Over 4 million people have visited the website and their newsletter has over 170,000 subscribers.

2. In-person advice, such as our workshop and one-on-one follow up. In 2016, 80,000 Hours delivered the workshop to over 2,000 people.

3. Links to a global community of people who want to work together to have the greatest possible positive impact.

What's with the name?

You have about 80,000 working hours in your career. That means your choice of the career is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, so it’s really worth figuring out how to use that time for good.